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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 7, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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thought it was really -- i was scared maybe all the bottles would fall on the ground because a lot of stuff on the top shelves. so it happened the previous time like one store we were this time very much like we tied with the cables and all stuff on the shelves so luckily there is no damage right now. >> reporter: you did show us some of the security camera footage. and normally, people run for the doors. but you pretty much froze right where you were and you looked kind of puzzled. >> no, like i previously -- like i feel this tremors very frequently but not this high thing but it's like maybe two, three or so because it shakes on the shelves. i felt it not that really big. if it had been big, i would have run out of the store like... [ laughter ] >> reporter: i'm very glad their store is okay. i'm glad that you're okay. we did get word that san jose city hall, that the 18-story
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building there did sway quite a bit but initially no reports of damage just yet. so we'll be on the hunt for some broken stuff down here in san jose. allen, back to you. >> okay. kiet do, thanks. well, a lot of people did email us here at cbs 5 right after it happened describing how it felt to them. kathleen in san jose says, there was this shaking, then the sound and then a short rumbling but not the rolling. liv says we felt the quake in pleasanton, no damage, just creeking from the tv stand. then mark in san francisco's sunset district says, well, some pictures on his wall fell down. we'll be keeping tabs on that throughout the night. we also have breaking news from orange county in southern california tonight. it's in the city of san clemente. a chunk of hillside has fallen just in the last 30 minutes and then along with that went the backyards of at least six homes. now, city leaders we're told are just getting their crews out there to where this happened but they are looking to see if they should red tag any of these homes which would,
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of course, prevent people from going inside them or staying inside them tonight. the mud slide comes after weeks of course of heavy rain down south but that in san clemente north of san diego. other news for you tonight, in order to curb the terror spread by a bay area gang a city attorney is taking action. he wants an injunction against gang members. but would that work? juliette goodrich says that there are some differing opinions emerging. what do you hear? >> reporter: it's becoming a political debate really. oakland's's new mayor jean quan says she is really ambivalent about injunctions against gangs saying that they really have had mixed results so far. oak's police chief says he has seen the success personally in other cities. all the while this debate goes on about what to do on the street. antigang injunction protests have been going on the past year. protestors saying the city shouldn't spend so much money trying to catch the bad guys
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but instead should try to prevent kids from becoming bad. isaac is with the "stop the injunction" coalition. >> gang injunctions, they work on profiling. they work on the idea of taking an entire neighborhood of criminalizing the entire neighborhood. they draw resources away from building up, you know, education. >> reporter: focusing on education, a stance oakland's new mayor jean quan announced last week during her inaugural speech. >> we spend about 6 to 7% on education, this is before the cuts that jerry is going to announce this month. and about 11% on prisons. what's wrong with that picture? >> reporter: but the legal wranglings continue on gang injunctions with the city attorney john russo asking a judge to restrict 42 known nortenos gang members from hanging out together carrying guns, dealing drugs, and
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vandalizing places and wearing certain colors within a so- called safety zone. the proposed zone is an area bordered by 21st to high street, brookdale to interstate 880. attorney jose luis fuentes represents an alleged gang member. he was at today's injunction hearing. >> we hope to show the judge that these are not active gang members. these are youth that committed indiscretions when they were young. they paid for their crimes. they moved on with their lives. and what they need is jobs. what they need is community centers in fruitvale. what they need is rehab. >> reporter: oakland's police chief anthony batts has argued all along, gang injunctions worked when they were tried during his tenure as the head of the long beach police department. but opponents target will only increase racial profiling especially young latinos. and gang injunction restrictions include the following. do not associate with other gang members. do not confront or intimidate or assault witnesses. do not possess firearms or dangerous weapons. stay away from drugs.
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no gang recruitment or trespassing. and follow curfew restrictions. again, all of this still taking place in the courts. the next debate will be held in february. in oakland, juliette goodrich for cbs 5. s.w.a.t. teams swarmed a bay area bank after a report of a robbery in progress and possible hostages. today, south san francisco police responded to bank of the west along westboro boulevard near 280 with their guns drawn. officers surrounded the bank about 10:30 this morning keeping an eye on the situation. they had gotten word that six employees and three customers were inside along with several robbery suspects. but from the outside, police couldn't see that anything unusual was going on. >> we were unable to contact anybody inside of the bank by cell phone or by telephone. concern for public safety as well as the employees and the possible customers in the bank we initiated a s.w.a.t. callout. >> when they went in, police found all the employees and
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customers were safe. the suspects were nowhere to be found. tonight police are still looking for them and any money that they got. still no word whether any hostages were actually taken. you can't see it, can't smell it. but carbon monoxide has the potential to kill. it poisoned guests at a popular bay area hotel. as anne makovec reports, it's happened there before. >> surprising and shocking. you don't expect something like that to happen in a hotel like this. >> reporter: but last night at around 10:30, four guest at the marriott marquis in downtown san francisco got sick. the fire department and department of health responded. >> complaints of medical issues, shortness of breath, nausea, altered kind of level of consciousness. >> reporter: all symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and a hazmat team found the compound in all of the rooms where the guests were staying. they checked nearby rooms and shut down the four rooms affected. >> kind of scary you're
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sleeping in a hotel room that doesn't have a carbon monoxide detector. >> reporter: fire officials say there was a similar incident on january 4th. two separate medical calls in two of the same rooms they responded to last night. >> it appears initially that probably all of these patients have carbon monoxide exposure. >> reporter: but they weren't tested for it at the time. today, a marriott spokesman calls it an ironic coincidence. >> i'm sure they are trying to keep it quite probably. >> reporter: as officials work to determine the cause today, isolating it to an air intake vent on street level, guests took it in stride. >> i guess it should be fine. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: now, there is a california law mandating carbon monoxide detectors in all newly constructed buildings. there is also a four get them installed in all hotel rooms even the older buildings that are required to have them by law. in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. tonight we have learned that the source of the carbon monoxide was right next door, a
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leaking water heater at a restaurant near the hotel. the situation resolved now and the affected rooms are back open. a deadly virus is spreading through a bay area center for guide dogs. five puppies have died at guide dogs for the blind in san rafael from an outbreak of parvo virus. 30 other puppies are being treated for it. the parvo outbreak began a week ago. that virus very common. but puppies are more susceptible to getting it between their vaccinations. >> generally isn't the problem because vaccinated dogs won't get it. but there is a short period of time between the first vaccinations that a puppy gets and their last vaccinations in the series at four months where a dog could get it. >> we're told most of the puppies exposerd doing well. but some are very sick. the center says it's doing all it can to keep the virus from spreading. guide dogs for the blind hopes to have it under control in the next two weeks. well, tonight 49er fans got the news a lot of them were
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hoping for. they landed arguably the most talked about name in coaching right now to head up the team. gary gelfand in san francisco and, 49ers named stanford's jim harbaugh as their new head coach, huh, gary? >> reporter: yeah, big news. jim harbaugh had nfl owners zigzagging across the country trying to signed him and he is not going anywhere, just 15 miles away staying in the bay area going from stanford a few miles away to the 9ers. and he is one of the hottest coaches and he is leaving the cardinal to take over the 9ers replacing mike singletary. harbaugh engineered a miracle turnaround on the farm and now the 9ers are hoping that he can make them into winners, too. he gets a reported five-year contract worth $25 million. >> i view it as the perfect opportunity, the perfect competitive platform, with these pros with the level playing field. the chance to be part of a team that goes after the highest award in all of sports and that's the lombardi trophy. >> reporter: that's what he is
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going for. now you remember three decades ago the 9ers hired a coach by the name of bill walsh, very successful with the 49ers and there is no comparisons going on just yet but other than the fact that they both came from stanford's coaching and jim harbaugh says he knows all about bill walsh and has a picture of him on his screen saver. >> didn't he get a bigger money offer or was this is most he got reportedly? >> reporter: reportedly this is the biggest one and it's just a matter of not traveling so far away and hanging out here with the 49ers and plans to do some really good things. he is hanging out here still right now. >> staying near home. thank you, see you at 6:00. next is it too much of a good thing? what's happening to children that has the government pushing for fluoride changes. >> ladies a little on the sensitive side? why your tears could really dampen your man's desire. and just weeks after a former senator john edwards buries his wife, rumors he is engaged. ,,
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fluoridating water, out of you know, for nearly a decade watsonville south of santa cruz fought against flouridating water out of concern for safety. well now the federal government is proposing to drop the recommended level of fluoride
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in drinking water for cosmetic reasons. dr. kim mulvihill has more. >> reporter: andre is at the dentist for a routine check-up and fluoride treatment. >> i brush my teeth so they don't get dirty. >> reporter: dentists credit fluoride with dramatically reducing tooth decay over the past few decades. it used to be just in drinking water. but now its in toothpaste, mouth washes and supplements. there's so much of it, a new study shows two out of every five adolescents have something called dental fluorosis a very mild white streaking or spotting on the tooth. >> it does change the appearance of the enamel of the tooth but it is barely noticeable by he even dental professionals and does not affect tooth functioning. >> reporter: currently, the recommended limit of fluoride in water supplies is 0.7 to 1.2.
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but the federal government wants to change it to .7. public health experts say it's safe and necessary. >> the bottom line is, fluoride is extremely safe and extremely effective. >> reporter: andre's mom is happy fluoride is keeping her son's teeth in good shape. >> as they brush their teeth they may not probably do it as good as they should and if there is fluoride in the water, it helps us help them. >> reporter: they know having healthy teeth is something to smile about. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. now, experts stress how the current range for fluoride in water is very safe, fluorosis usually develops when a child's teeth are forming and that's typically age 8 and younger. do you know what's in your bottled water? according to a new study, probably not. the environmental working group studied 173 brands of bottled water. turns out only 3 tell customers where the water actually comes from and how it's purified. the study gave letter grades to
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every brand. here's how the top three selling u.s. brands fared. number one, pure life purified water received a b grade. arrowhead got a c. aquafina received a d for its labels. well, women, are you a weeper as they say? how your tears can tank a man's testosterone. it's that getaway friday. the big question is, just how early will the fog burn off? we have that answer just for you as eyewitness news continues. don't go away. we'll be right back after this.
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what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. out for drinks, eats. i have very well fitting dentures. i like to eat a lot of fruits. love them all. the seal i get with the super poligrip free keeps the seeds from getting up underneath. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. a lot of things going on in my life and the last thing i want to be thinking about is my dentures. [ charlie ] try super poligrip free. wow, what a shot from mount vaca. we are going to get to the weather in just a second. is he or is he not engaged? have you heard the rumors in they are swirling that former vice-presidential candidate john edwards is engaged to his mistress rielle hunter but his rep says absolutely not and she
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doesn't know the source of that story. the rumor started in the wake of a headline in a popular tabloid. edwards did have an affair with rielle hunter while he was married to his wife elizabeth. elizabeth died of cancer december 7. john edwards and rielle have a child together. women stay strong. your sex appeal apparently depends on it. [ woman crying ] >> are you crying? >> in a league of their own, tom hanks' character saw tears as a sign of weakness. turns out they are a turnoff. in a study women smelled women's tears. they significantly reduced testosterone and brain activity associated with arousal. the scientists are not able to pinpoint the chemical that triggers the effects. the study does not include men's tears. although they are going to get to that. [ laughter ] >> we are going to get to the weather. i have a box of tissues, roberta, if you are crying over
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this weather. but i don't think you are. >> that's my problem. i have been going for that sympathy vote. >> oh. >> the whole time. >> it ain't working. >> kind of work that angle with the husband? now i know. just keep on smiling. and you know what? it's really funny because we had somebody send in their picture of the day? mypix, and they are saying, tell everybody to stop crying over the weather because wait until you see this picture. we'll share that with you but right now let's share this with you. it's our live cbs 5 weather camera towards ocean beach where currently the air temperature is only 45 degrees. the winds are calm. official sundown is at 5:06 after a day which was unseasonably cool right here in the bay area. some of the current temperatures out and about, anywhere from san mateo around the peninsula 46 degrees to the north sausalito in the upper 40s. pleasanton after a high today of only so far 49 degrees, it is currently in the low 50s. campbell 44. if you are out and about on this friday evening, we have areas of fog already
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redeveloping in our inland areas. meanwhile, coastside and around the bay, we do have cloud cover and it looks like we do have temperatures in the 40s. overnight tonight dipping down to the 30s in penngrove. 40s common across the central bay. freezing in throughout the tri- valley with areas of patchy fog and 38 degrees from san jose through alum rock into alviso. area of low pressure sliding due south traversing to the east. otherwise storm track is now beginning to dip ever so slowly but meanwhile we are still under the influence of high pressure. we will return more to a southwesterly flow tomorrow and that's going to allow your saturday to see earlier burnoff and therefore, a couple of degrees additional warming will take place. but if you do have getaway plans on this friday, heading to the high sierra, partly cloudy, no snow in the offing, but it's always advisable to carry the chains. it will be chilly overnight into the single digits over the weekend. meanwhile, our temperatures going up gradually. couple of degrees below average. we're talking low and mid-50s
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for the most part. 51 tri-valley. mid-50s san jose. and 54 degrees in throughout napa and sonoma. the extended forecast, i want you to take a look over the weekend because again, earlier burnoff each day, but the temperatures do come down gradually on sunday. we do have an area of low pressure to the north of us on monday. and we'll call it partly cloudy. rain returns to the bay area very light rain on tuesday with daily chances all the way through friday. okay. as previously advertised, we have mypix sent to us by wade from morgan hill. he says, stop complaining about the weather and just go for a hike. as he did. keep the photos coming to get some good exercise in with the dry skies this weekend. >> thank you. next, you know, the early bird gets the worm? not when it comes to filing taxes this year. the changes that could keep you from getting that refund right away. t. the jobless ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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percent in dec 's some mixed news in this latest unemployment report today. the jobless rate did fall. it fell to 9.4% in december down from 9.8% the month before the biggest decline in more than 10 years but part of that comes from some people just giving up their job search. as for new jobs, employers added 103,000, which is fewer than expected. >> we have a big hole that we're digging ourselves out of. and so our mission has to be to
5:25 pm
accelerate hiring and accelerate growth. >> today fed chief ben bernanke said it could take up to five years for unemployment to drop it a more normal rate of about 6%. early tax filers counting on that early refund are in for a delay this year because of some tax law changes. julie watts on the consumerwatch to explain for us. julie. >> reporter: allen, in case you didn't know, january 14 is coming tuesday. this coming tuesday, it's the first day to electronically file your 2010 tax return. but an estimated 40 million early birds are going to get a message from the irs saying essentially, come back later. this year, the tax man needs more time. and that means you may have to wait a few more weeks before filing for that early refund. jesse weller of the oakland obvious office of the irs says the agency simply isn't ready to start processing certain 2010 returns. >> this is because of the late tax legislation that was passed in december. the irs needs to reprogram its
5:26 pm
computers to catch up to the new laws. >> reporter: but does it affect you? well, it does if you are one of the millions of taxpayers who itemized their deductions on form 1040a or if you're a teacher who pays for classroom expenses out of pocket and claims a $250 educator expense deduction. it also impacts parents and students who claim deductions for higher education, tuition and fees. >> it is a massive undertaking and that's why it takes a month and a half. >> reporter: the irs doesn't expect its computers to be updated until mid to late february. weller says affected taxpayers who do try to efile before then will find their returns rejected. mailed returns will be held until the irs can process them. something else new this year, people who prepare taxes for a fee must have a tax id. and finally, if you can't afford to pay a preparer, you can get free tax help. every year, the united way and some other nonprofits sponsor free tax clinics at about 200
5:27 pm
locations here in the bay area. they open this month and they are intended for people who earn less than $49,000 a year. we put a link to a listing of those sites on our website, click news, then consumer. >> why don't they make it easier? >> reporter: nothing is easy when it comes to taxes. >> thank you. ,,,,,, [ sniffing ]
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made his debut today. all right. finally tonight, the newest resident of the san francisco zoo made his debut today an 8- year-old 3700-pound hippopotamus. he is a bit camera shy. but supposedly he is in that pond there. oh, there he goes. that's him. the new guy arrived two days ago from kansas. they didn't have room for the father and his calf


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